Sunflowers & Bees: A Meditation

Sunflowers & Bees

On August 1st, I uploaded my first youtube video, a (very short) nature meditation in honor of Lammas.  I recorded these videos while sitting in my local community garden, communing with the bees.  Bees are quite special to me, which is why I’ve included one in the logo of M&M, and not just because they make honey…which makes…MEADE!  Bees embody the ideal in so many spiritual paths, including freemasony.  They work hard as builders, harvesters, scouts and defenders, every bee has a role to play in the hive.  They instinctively consider the welfare of the community before individuals desires. They seemingly have almost “supernatural” manners of communication, although by definition, its actually quite “natural”,  isn’t it?  Bees live in perfect harmony with their closest allies, flowering plants, and because of that they play a crucial role in the ecosystem of the entire planet.  Shaman, mason, politician, farmer, priest or banker….everyone has a lesson to learn from the bees. I encourage you to sit a while in a flower-filled garden like I did, and listen to the honey bee’s.  See if you can detect the whisper of ancient wisdom.

Until you get a chance to do that, check out this short, unguided meditation video I’ve posted on my youtube channel. It is hopefully the first of many videos like that I’ll be creating, as I start to experiment with this media as a new way to help people celebrate and observe sacred rites.

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