Harvest Moon Rising (Tarot of the Week)

General Energy of the Week of September 24th, 2018


Tonight, the moon in Aries hits peak fullness, and as an Aries, I am feeling pretty fired up about it. I’m looking back at the last six months (when the New Moon was in Aries on April 15th) to see what I’ve accomplished since then. But since I pulled the Judgement card this morning, I’ve decided to also look back at the intentions and goals I had at that time and see what needs to be brought back from the dead.

From my day planner on April 15’s New Moon

The cool thing is that I know exactly what I was thinking during that New Moon because it just so happens that was the day I made my giant Vision Board that hangs by my bed so it’s the first thing I see every morning. I’ve been adding to this board every New Moon since. I had never made one of these before…I had used candles, mojo bags, bay leaves and sigils to set intention, but I had been sort of a snob about the vision board trend. But during that Aries New Moon, I was running sound for a conference specifically for single moms and vision boarding was one of their activities. I have no idea if they meant to do it on the New Moon but I doubt it because this conference was run by a Christian ministry. But I noticed the synchronicity and figured what the heck. So after the conference was over, I asked if I could take some of the leftover magazines and pictures that they had provided. I grabbed my scissors and glue and a poster board and slapped together a vision of what I wanted my life to look like in the next three years.

Tonight, when I look at my vision board, the thing that stands out the most is the largest picture on the board. It’s a photo of a girl in a blue vintage dress, she’s standing with an old-fashioned silver microphone, and she’s fronting a band at a club. When I made this board, I had gone a year and a half without being in a band…the longest I had gone without a gig in ten years. All the bands I had been in before were ones that I had been in with my ex-husband and after the divorce and the breaking up of the two bands that we fronted together, it was painful for me to think about finding a new group of musicians to play with. I didn’t really know where to start. I knew that I never wanted to play blues again. It seemed like a far off, impossible dream.

A few weeks later, I answered a random Facebook ad. “New Orleans’ style jazz band looking for piano player.” I had never played NO style jazz and wasn’t sure if I could. I didn’t know any of the folks in the band, nor was I sure I was even ready to join a band. But something drew me to it.

This week, after a couple months of practicing, our band just booked it’s first show. We also finally came up with a name that we all love, that really suits the music. I have fallen in love with the music, both the originals and covers that we are doing. It’s stretched me as a pianist, and as a musician. Even better than that, all the people in my band turned out to be really awesome, like-minded people. Not a flake in the bunch… and that’s so rare in our local music scene. They are all working, touring musicians…they are serious about being there. It’s pretty much the ideal vehicle to get me back into the music scene after my hiatus. The musical style builds upon the skills that I had from my blues background, but without the painful memories. It’s fresh and exciting. And it’s right there on my vision board.

There are some things on there that haven’t quite come into fruition yet, but I’ve made great progress. And then there’s some things that I’ve lost some steam on as well. But pulling the Judgement card tells me it’s not too late to send some extra magic that direction. Two other magazine cut-outs on the board confirm that for me…in bold red letters, one reads “Nevertheless, She Persisted“. And the other one is a big heart, with flowing cursive script, declaring “Eternal Hope.”

I can’t think of many images that should inspire hope as much as the Judgement card. Even death isn’t enough to keep us down. Even a coffin can give birth to new life when the Divine Call is sounded. What is your Divine Calling?

Do you realize that nothing can stop you from achieving what that call has put you here to do? When you are aligned with your true purpose, what can stand against you?

Happy Harvest Moon, my lovelies!

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