The Rite of the Crook of Saint Cyprian: A Powerful Ritual Revealed Through PGM Lecanomancy

Reading this post from Light in Extension made me long for the days when I had a place of my own to do more elaborate rituals without fear of being interrupted or judged. Communal living has been a life-saver for this season of my life, saving me money and helping me get back on my feet after some rough circumstances (envision the Tower tarot card, and that’s been the last two years of my life, tearing down and deconstructing the old to make way for the new). Sharing my space with two others has been a healing time, relieving some of the pressures of society, and giving me a chance to heal. But it hasn’t been easy and its certainly put a hold on some of my magical practices. Putting up a small altar in my room resulted in one of my housemates smudging the house to get rid of demons (apparently afraid to tell me herself that she was uncomfortable with it, this was triangulated through the other housemate).  Just the practicality of lacking space and privacy makes it difficult to do all that I dream of doing. Both housemates work night shifts, meaning I spend my daytime hours in silence, but since their work schedules alternate, there is never an evening where I have the house to myself. Its not ideal for a witch who works in secrecy.

I did get to do a more involved ritual to honor the last full moon, thanks to my boyfriend driving into town and taking me out to a secluded field where I could have some glorious privacy. It was the first time in months I’ve been able to break out all the tools, cast a circle and do my thing, full voiced and unafraid of getting caught.

Its been a bit of a monastic life these past few months, with my silent days and simplistic living (with plenty of hard work and meditation), and that’s okay. It clearly has value for my journey, but I hope its coming to an end soon. But that end is hard for me to see right now.

Anyways…here I’ve reblogged a great post with a Cyprian ritual that was channeled to the author, who has shared her experiences with her readers. Maybe I’ll have a chance to try it myself someday soon…if the fates align…but for now, I’ll reblog and hope to inspire others.

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Frater S.C.F.V.

lecan1Altar set-up for Novena of Saint Cyprian of Antioch Day 9 and PGM lecanomancy: large bowl filled with spring water, Holy Water, and Saint Cyprian Oil (bottom center). Brass cauldron with offerings of Church wafer and incense (bottom right). Key of Solomon Aspergillum and Water Glass Offering to Cyprian (bottom left). Offering of wine (center). Two lavender candles fixed with Saint Cyprian Oil, cinnamon, all-spice, and sage offered to Saint Cyprian (middle left and right). Statues of Saint Cyprian and Justina (back center), Vial of Saint Cyprian Oil (back right), and Novena Candle (back left).

A Sudden Change of Plans

On Day 9 of my 2018 Novena of Saint Cyprian of Antioch, I woke up and performed a ritual bath and morning worship. I then traveled to the city to do…

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