Samhain: Magick Retrieval Shamanic Ritual — The House Of Twigs

2018 has been a brutal year. The horrors that usually lurk and whisper are rising and raging, baiting fights and all-out war over that which should not be divisive: human rights and the health of our home planet. They have radicalized and weaponized compassion and cruelty, defining and bending them to their will and purpose…

via Samhain: Magick Retrieval Shamanic Ritual — The House Of Twigs


This blog puts into words a lot of what I’ve been experiencing right now.  At work, things have been heavy.  In the congregation I minister to, there have been several deaths in the past year, and 5 more people have cancer (in two cases, terminally).  There’s a real heavy feeling in the air.

In the last week, I’ve had parishioners yell at me for celebrating Halloween, for hosting a Fall Festival at the church, and for “celebrating the demonic.” Oh if they only knew.

Years ago, I decided to stop being controlled by a spirit of fear. I knew that the only way to stop being afraid of the darkness was to face it. There is a sense of liberation in witchcraft that is simply unmatched in the Evangelical flavor of Christianity. Once you’ve tasted it, the “freedom” peddled by most preachers seems like a pale imitation.

Anyways, enjoy another great post from the House of Twigs, by following the link above


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