Black Dogs of Appalachia

Recommending this blog post full of folklore concerning black (and white) dogs from out of Appalachia: Pad Pad Pad, Black Dogs in Appalachian Folklore. — Holy Stones and Iron Bones

In my family, there were a lot of stories about supernatural white dogs coming to the aide of our ancestors in times of need before disappearing back into the woods where they came from. This continued even into the 70’s where my aunt had an experience in New York City that was eerily similar to the old stories (I wrote about this in an previous post about animal allies and messengers).  That side of my family is from rural Missouri in recent generations, scattered from the Northeast corner down into the Ozarks mountains. Farther back down the family tree, my forebears had made their home in the Appalachian mountains for generations before going west of the Mississippi, so our ancestral folklore is, like a lot of Ozark culture, Appalachian with a Missouri twist.

So check out the article below and make sure to put on some Zeppelin while you’re reading it.

Around Christmas time, my family always loved telling old stories and yarns of creatures in the hills and strange lights on the mountains. Going with tradition, I’ve decided to do just that with a series of blog post that’s will go into January. So pull up a chair and stay a spell. We’ll start with […]

via Pad. Pad. Pad. Black Dogs in Appalachian Folklore — Holy Stones and Iron Bones

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