The Twelfth Night Eclipse — Soul Friend Astrology

It’s enough to reflect on the fact that the Epiphany story, as it’s told in the Xian tradition, involves astrologers being given the gift of seeing things as they really are. In the story, God is revealed to them, not in the halls of power and privilege but rather among the destitute and the working […]

via The Twelfth Night Eclipse — Soul Friend Astrology

Here’s a great little write-up on the connection of Epiphany and the astrological weather of this week.  Epiphany is certainly one of my favorite parts of the liturgical calendar because it hints at the fact that there is more to Christianity than understood by the masses and that involves astrology and the hermetic arts of the Magi.  Christians sure love to include the three wise men in their nativities and Christmas pageants, but they keep their eyes turned away to the implication of what their part of the story means.

Good luck to all my readers during this coming eclipse season.  Stay the course and go with the flow, letting go of what needs to die.  For more information on how to work with this eclipse energy, check out Sphere + Sundry’s Eclispe Remediation + Rituals

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