662CD8CC-7CFA-42BD-B0E8-DF9DCBAF9EF6Rose Carpenter, 33,  is the founder of Mugwort & Meade. Rose lives in a suburb of Kansas City with her husband and three cats.

Rose went through aspirations of being an archeologist, a paleontologist, a major league baseball player, an astronaut, a fighter pilot, a rock star, a classical composer, a writer and an artist, before settling to become a minister in a protestant Christian denomination. She devoted herself to the ministry of Word and Sacraments for 7 years before finally facing a crisis of faith that had been developing for many years. After stumbling into the occult through a series of synchronicities, Rose used what she learned from Hermeticism, alchemy, and traditional witchcraft to transform her life.   (To read more about that journey, check out The Tale of Rose Carpenter and the Founding of Mugwort & Meade)

Now she has devoted her life to the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual truths, while hoping to facilitate learning and discussion for all who seek after the Great Work.