The Middle Pillar & Psychic Illness

Israel Regardie and the Theory and Practice of the Middle Pillar Exercise by Mark Stavish, M.A. 19 June 2014 Presented at the Fifth Annual Conference for the Association for the Study of Esotericism, Colgate University (Hamilton, New York) Introduction If we look at today’s self-help marketplace, we can come to several conclusions, one of […] via…

The Heart Unafraid

…I was stumped by what he meant, but when I looked back at my copy, it suddenly popped out at me.  In attempting to copy the painting exactly, I had unwittingly created an optical illusion. Its amazing what a shift in perspective can do for how you see a thing, even a thing that you made yourself with a very specific intention in mind.  There have been many times that someone has given me their personal interpretation of my art and I have been struck by how they were affected in ways that I could never have purposefully designed. But by inviting them into my story, they were confronted with their own. When I stepped into the story of  Leopold de Postels’ painting, I came face to face with my own. 

Formerly Aries, Part II

…you might get the impression that I’ve already made up my mind to ditch traditional western astrology for this newfangled (yet old fashioned) system called “True Sidereal” astrology. But the fact is, I’m not ready to throw out the bathwater, baby, tub and rubber duckie just yet.

Applying Alchemical Symbolism to Magical Practice — The House Of Twigs

Alchemical Symbolism as a Spiritual Language The English language lacks the nuance that ancient languages rooted in mystic traditions have. Alphabets that have meaning beyond their linguistic face value. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Old Norse carry layers of meaning in each individual letter. Languages originally intended to record religious laws, history and mythology… via…